Webcam Hacking: 19 year old hacker arrested for sextorting newly crowned Miss Teen USA

Miss Teen USA 2013

Photo Courtesy - LA Times

Temecula hacker, Jared James Abrahams, 19 year old, charged with “sextorting” by hacking webcams of newly crowned Miss Teen USA “Cassidy Wolf” and several other young women.

According to Los Angeles Times report, The hacker used 30 to 40 computers to carry out his crimes. hijacked webcams to capture naked images of the women and then blackmailed them for more. He allegedly forced an Irish girl and a Canadian woman to disrobe for him.

Abrahams allegedly changed her Twitter account photo to a half-naked image of her and then sent her two images of her naked that were taken inside her home by her webcams months before.

He is accused of contacting the victims from two hacked AOL accounts and attempting to blackmail them by threatening to expose their nude photos across the internet.

When FBI agents raided his Temecula home and seized computers and hardware, cellphones and hacking software, they found evidence to show he gained unauthorized access to several computers of victims in Southern California, Maryland, Ireland, Canada, Russia and Moldova, according to the criminal complaint.

via - LA Times

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