400 Israeli Websites hacked by AnonGhost under #OpIsraelReborn


AnonGhost, the hacktivists who are famous for Cyber Operations against Israel has hacked and defaced 400 Israeli websites with credit card credentials leakage under the banner #OpIsraelReborn. #OpIsraelReborn was planned by AnonGhost team to hit Israeli cyber space on 11 september.

Mauritania Attacker during interview told, we gonna achieve achieve something big.

Last we achieved, we lead the Op and we hacked 20000 Fb accounts of Israel and 5000 twitter accounts and thousands of websites including radio stations and govt sites. We gonna achieve something big just wait and see what will happen

AnonGhost with Team ROOt defaced around 400 websites. The hacked websites include various special and random sites. The hackers also claimed to hack and leaked credit card details of Israeli citizens.

The message found on the hacked sites reads as follows:

Hi Israel, we are the same people who f****D you on 07 April for during #OpIsrael and now we are back to punish you again. AnonGhost is everywhere. There is no Israel in this map! No one recognize you because its Palestine! Muslims are every where

Links of all hacked websites with credit card details are available here.

  • Mrlele - AnonGhost

    Yea Bitches yea! we fucked you !

    ~ Mrlele