#OpIsrael: Israeli Websites hacked by hackers as Warm up hacks toward 7th of April

Moroccan and Indonesian hackers have hacked and defaced Israeli websites as warm up hacks toward #OpIsrael - A massive operation that is going to start on 7th of April 2013.

An Indonesian hacker with the handle blankon33 from code-security has hacked & defaced multiple Israeli websites protesting against Israel and the Israeli government. Deface page can be found below.

Deface Page:


According to illsecure, The hacker defaced three Israeli websites and claims he has access to much more and will deface them under #OpIsrael

Hacked websites:

  • https://smarteq.co.il/lib/_uploads/images/images.php
  • http://web.ramgat.co.il/includes/x.html
  • http://qsi.co.il

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Another Warm up hacks, Moroccan hackers with the handles BilalSBxTRA & Dr.SaMiM_008 have hacked and defaced 7 Israeli websites in preparation for #OpIsrael.

illSecure says, The Hackers managed to deface 7 Israeli websites although the defaced sites seem to be random Israeli sites the hackers simply targeted them to highlight the Palestinian cause and “remove Israel from cyberspace” by defacing as much Israeli websites as possible. The hackers left pro-Palestinian images on the defaced pages and claimed it took them only 5 minutes to hack the sites.

Hacked Sites:

  • http://www.d-tech-tiv.co.il/OpIsreal%20.html
  • http://www.yfjlaw.org.il/db/OpIsreal.html
  • http://www.dubrov.co.il/OpIsreal%20.html
  • http://www.dubrov.eu/OpIsreal%20.html
  • http://www.dubrov.net/OpIsreal%20.html
  • http://www.bikeit.co.il/sql/OpIsreal%20.html
  • http://osu.co.il/_photos/OpIsreal.html

The hacks are part of #OpIsrael which is an anti-Israeli operation involving various hacktivists from all over the world with the aim to remove Israel from Word Wide Web. #OpIsrael will officially be initiated on the 7th of April. You can find more news regarding #OpIsrael here.