Hundreds of Indian web sites hacked by Pak Haxors Crew on Independence day of Pakistan

A Pakistani hacker with the handle Hasnain Haxor hacked and defaced 700+ Indian websites on Pakistan’s Independence Day.

The anatomy of the attack is unknown. It looks like hacker got full access to the shared hosting server and defaced all the sites on the server. The different hacked sites belong to Indian media, IT companies, business and Indian institutes.

This is not the first time, Hasnain Hacker hacked such a huge list of sites, some days before Indira Gandhi International airport website and 800+ other websites hacked by the same hacker.

List of Hacked Site:

Complete list of hacked sites can be found here.

Mirror of the hacked Sites:
Deface Message:
We Are [PHC] P4K!$T4N H4XOR$ CR3W: “PHC will speak up for Kashmiri Rape Victims PHC will speak up against Indian oppression PHC will speak up against Indian occupation PHC will not forget about Kashmir Massacres”  Once again LOC Mess. hUUh every one knows that who started it first, First The Endians killed innocent peoples at border but we didnt make it  an issue but when Pak Army killed down 5 soldiers they bubbled Up. One last chance be in your damn limits. now its up to you.leave it or take it.we are ready
At the time of writing, all sites are defaced and showing the message left by the hacker.