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1337day hacked

1337day Inj3ct0r Exploit Database Hacked by Z0mbi3_Ma and SQL_Master

1337day hacked A Well Known Exploit Database Website 1337day ( hacked and defaced by hackers with the handle  SQL_Master and Z0mbi3_Ma. Website is restored. Original website was not defaced ( but www Subdomain of the website.Deface Page: The ultimate database of exploits and vulnerabilities 1337day also known as Inj3ct0r Exploit Database has been hacked today by SQL_Master and Z0mbi3_Ma.Its not the […] Continue reading →

1337day hacked by Injector & Sec4ever

hacked by the injector 1337day - Big Security site have been hacked and left defaced by two hackers, goes by the handle Injector & Sec4ever. Hacked Domains: The defacement carry’s no real messages besides an email for the administration to contact the hackers on. It’s worth noting that appears to be working fine. On the other hand, and […] Continue reading →