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Cyber War

Iranian Cyber Police Arrested 240 M/W Shut Down about 900 Websites

Iranian cyber police Shahrwand newspaper reported that Iranian cyber police (known as FATA)arrested at-least 240+ people which include men and women and also shut down about 900 websites in Sistan and Baluchestan. According to reports all these people were involved in illegal internet activities includes managing porn and fake profiles,recently Cyber police of Revolutionary Guards announced its Spider […] Continue reading →

Cyber War: Pakistani hackers Hit Indian Cyber space by hacking 20 thousand website

Dr@cul@ Two Pakistani hackers hits Indian Cyber space by hacking twenty thousand (20,000) Indian websites in support of Indian occupied Kashmiri muslims and Kashmiri freedom movements. Two hackers with the handle [email protected]@ and Muhammad Bilal has hacked and defaced 20k Indian websites, the hacker reported THP via email. This hack will give rise to the cyber […] Continue reading →