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Free Online Translator Website gets hacked by Xploiters Crew

Xploiters Crew Today, gets hacked and defaced by infamous Bank hackers Xploiters Crew. Translate is a free online translator that provides instant and accurate translations between 75 different languages including English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian and more. The hackers did not deface the main page of the website. Instead, hackers added a static […] Continue reading →

Exclusive Interview with Xploiter from Pakbugs

xploiter logo Hello, The Hackers Post Readers. Today, We conducted Interview of Xploiter, The Bank Hacker from Pakbugs who hacked almost all major Banks of Pakistan. The bank hacks include Soneri Bank, Habib Bank Limited, Allied Bank Limited, Muslim Commercial Bank, Tameer Bank. He is one of the top hacker of Pakistan. We asked personal to hacking and cyber security […] Continue reading →

Soneri Bank online banking system Hacked by Xploiter from Pakbugs

Soneri Bank Hacked Soneri Bank’s Online Banking System official website ( Hacked and Defaced by Xploiter from Pakbugs - an infamous and pro Pakistani Hackers Group.At the time of writing, site is still defaced.Deface Page: Anatomy of attack on banking site is not known. It seems hacker found and exploited SQL Injection flaw and hacked the website or used some […] Continue reading →