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Pakistan Peoples Party Official Website Hacked by Pakistani Hackers

The ruling party of Pakistan - Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) official website( hacked by Pakistani elite hackers with Pakistan Peoples Party UK domain hacked and defaced by H4$N4!N H4XOR and Shadow008 from Pak Hackers Crew. Deface Page: Hacked Site: As Pakistan Peoples Party is about to complete its five year tenure in Pakistan […] Continue reading →

Shadow008 Sites Hacked By PakBugs

Shadow008 Sites Hacked Pakistani Hacker Shadow008 Sites Hacked and defaced by a notorious Pakistani leet hacker group named Pakbugs with the apparently DNS attack.  Deface Page: According to the deface page, Pakbugs hacked Shadow008 sites on challenge. Recently, Pakbugs hacked many top tech sites including Google Morocco, Google Saint Hena, MSN etc. This attack apparently involved compromising the system […] Continue reading →