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Official Philippines Department of Transportation and Communications Website Hacked by Bin Laden Hacker

Bin Laden HAcker A Saudi Arabian Hacker with the handle Bin Laden Hacker has hacked and defaced the Official Philippines Department of Transportation and Communications Website ( Hacker also defaced Cooperative Development Authority of Philippines Website ( Defaced pages are removed from the hacked websites Deface Page: Anatomy of hacks is not known, It looks like hacker find […] Continue reading →

Sudan Embassy website Hacked by Ymh

hacked by ymh Official website of South Sudan Embassy in Norway (  hacked and defaced by a Yemeni hacker with the handle of Ymh. Website was restored quickly after being hacked. Defaces Page: The Hacker found and exploited SQL Injection flaw in the website and managed to upload the deface page with the deface message. Website Link: […] Continue reading →

1337day Inj3ct0r Exploit Database Hacked by Z0mbi3_Ma and SQL_Master

1337day hacked A Well Known Exploit Database Website 1337day ( hacked and defaced by hackers with the handle  SQL_Master and Z0mbi3_Ma. Website is restored. Original website was not defaced ( but www Subdomain of the website.Deface Page: The ultimate database of exploits and vulnerabilities 1337day also known as Inj3ct0r Exploit Database has been hacked today by SQL_Master and Z0mbi3_Ma.Its not the […] Continue reading →

McDonalds Korea Website Hacked by xXM3HM3TXx from Turkish Ajan Hacker Group

Mcdonald Korea hacked McDonalds Korea Official Website hacked and defaced by Turkish Hackers with the handles Maxney & xXM3HM3TXx belonging to Turkish Ajan Hacker Group. Website ( is restored now. Anatomy of attack is not known. Reason of Hacking seems to protest against Zionism, according to the deface page. Hacked Site: Mirror of the Hacked Site: […] Continue reading →

Official AVG South Africa Website Hacked by Over-X

AVG An infamous Algerian Hacker, Over-X has hacked and defaced the Official AVG South Africa Website ( The website is still defaced, showing License details of AVG Products. Over-X Told THP that reason of hacking was to get license keys of AVG Products. Yesterday, we reported same hacker hacked Cigarette Brand & Nestle Israel websites. Anatomy of an attack is […] Continue reading →

Israeli Intelligence Agency Mossad Down by Sektor404, 30K Agents Info Leaked by Anonymous

Mossad The Official Website of National Intelligence Agency of Israel ( - Mossad Down by #Sektor404 and 30K Agents Info leaked by Anonymous, RedHack and PLF under the operation called #OpIsrael. The Hackers launched a Sophisticated Distributed denial of service (DDOS) attack on the Mossad official website and it get down by the hackers. The Hacker tweeted […] Continue reading → posted last Secret and taken offline A website, which was leaking confidential data like social security numbers, phone numbers, addresses and credit reports of several celebs and political figures, has gone offline and a last message is posted with the last secret. published personal financial records of several US politicians and celebrities, including US Vice President Joe Biden, Kim Kardashian, Robert […] Continue reading →

Download Kali Linux Distribution from creator of BackTrack

Download Kali Linux The most versatile, The most awaited and advanced penetration testing Linux distribution, Kali Linux has been released from the creator of BackTrack Linux. Today, We will discuss its features and provide download details. Kali Linux is a complete re-build of BackTrack Linux, adhering completely to Debian development standards. All-new infrastructure has been put in place, all tools were reviewed […] Continue reading →