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Data Breach

How to Avoid a Data Breach

Data Breach Infographic Security breaches can happen to anyone at anytime. You, your family, your doctor’s office, your college, the stores you shop in, the websites you visit, and even the agencies that meet basic needs like water and electricity. According to a report from the United States Government Accountability Office, The U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team reported […] Continue reading →

Ashiyane Digital Security Team hacks Higher Education Commision website

ashiyane digital security team Iranian hackers group “Ashiyane Digital Security Team” claims to have compromised the website of Higher Education Commission of Pakistan ( and leaked the database credentials of the website online. The hackers found and exploited SQL injection flaw on the website and dumped the names, faxes, emails, phone numbers of different departments and Universities that reach up […] Continue reading →

Ubuntu Forum Hacked by Sputn1k_, over 1.8 million email and password stolen

Ubuntu Forum Hacked by Sputn1k_ with over 1.8 million user email and password stolen by the hacker. Change your Ubuntu Forum password immediately. Canonical, Linux based operating system Ubuntu distro lead developers admitted that its online forum not just defaced but also hacker accessed and stole the 1.8 million users data (username, emails and passwords) from […] Continue reading →

UK Commonwealth Bank Site Hacked, Data Leaked

CommonWealth Bank The infamous hacker group with the handle LatinHackTeamR have hacked into the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, United Kingdom branch ( hackers leaked of data of the Bank website. Tuesday morning, The hackers announced the hack on twitter and the leak has been posted to Anonpaste site. The commonwealth bank is one of Australias largest banks. […] Continue reading →