Avast announces Bug Bounty Program

Bug Bounty Program

Avast announced the launch of the company’s new security bug bounty program, according to a recent post on avast. Avast will be offering bounties to security researchers for disclosing vulnerabilities in its products.

We at Avast take this very seriously. We know that being a market leader (Avast has more users than any other AV company in the world), we’re a very attractive target for the attackers. So, here’s our call to action: let’s unite and find and fix those bugs before the bad guys do!

The rewards start at $200 (150 EUR), but they can be as high as $5,000 (3,750 EUR) for remote code execution vulnerabilities. In order to be eligible for the bounty, the bug must be original and previously unreported.

Bug Submissions are not accepted by avast from the following countries: Iran, Syria, Cuba, North Korea and Sudan.

Email address to report Bug:

[email protected]

So start bug hunting…Good Luck !!

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