Anonymous Hackers hacks Jordan Prime Minister Website for Inceasing Prices

Jordan Prime-Minister-Hacked-by-Anonymous

Anonymous Hackers has hacked and defaced the the official website of Jordan Prime Minister ( for increasing Prices and Taxes.

According Softpedia New, The defacement page published by the hacktivists has been removed. However, the webpage has been cached by Google so it can still be accessed. In the message posted on the hacked website, Anonymous members condemn the government for raising prices.

Jordan’s government has already increased taxes on mobile communications services and imported clothing. It plans on doing the same for electricity and fuel.

This is not the first time, PM Jordan website hacked. Before it was hacked twice in 2004 and 2006 by the hackers named 0o_zeus_o0 and LinuxLovers.

The site remained hacked for several hours, after it was restored by the website admin. They claim to have already identified the attackers, According to reports.

“Legal action will be taken against them,” said Jordan’s Information Minister Mohammad Momani.

At the time of publishing the article, the Jordan Prime Minister website is restored and working properly.