Snowden requested for political asylum in Russia, and later withdrew the request to continue leaks

US NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden request for political asylum in Moscow, Russia but withdrew the asylum request later after being urged to stop anti American activity by the Russian President, according to a Russian President spokesperson.
According to spokesperson Peskov, “Russia does not relinquish political asylum seekers to countries with the death penalty.”
“Snowden did ask to stay in Russia. However, when he found out Russia’s position on the matter and the associated conditions he decided not to stay in Russia,” Peskov added.

Snowden is still at Moscow airport and applied for political asylum to 15 countries.
Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that Snowden could stay in the Russian Federation on the condition that he ceased all anti-American activity. Furthermore, Putin affirmed that Russia has no intention of extraditing Snowden as “Russia has never extradited anyone.”