Ali Moeen Nawazish Site hacked by El Maestro

Ali Moeen Nawazish official site has been hacked and defaced by El Maestro. The site is still defaced at the time of writing this.Deface Page:

A world record holder in A Levels - Ali Moeen Nawazish official site hacked by a hacker named El-Maestro. There is not specific reason mentioned on deface page by the Hacker. Anatomy of attack is unknown,  it seems that hacker used some linux flaw on Hostmonster to access this site because website is on  hosted on shared hosting.
Other sites on the same server working fine. It shows hackers just defaced and interested in Ali Moeen’s Site hacking for no specific reason.
According to whois details,

Site Name:

Server IP:

Name Servers:

Hacked Site:

Deface Message:

Hacked by El Maestro - Team One Unit
Problem Bhensay 😀 ?

About Ali Moeen Nawazish:

A young student of Pakistani descent, Ali Moeen Nawazish was the first in the world to do 23 A Level subjects. Moreover, he achieved the highest mark in 22 of them. This student has set a new definition for the word “perfection” by being a source of inspiration to the masses in the world. He is also recipient of one of the highest civil awards of Pakistan - the President’s Award for Pride of Performance. Ali is deeply humbled by this paramount achievement and longs to contribute positively to the world, particularly his home country of Pakistan.