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Iranian Hackers

Iranian Cyber Police Arrested 240 M/W Shut Down about 900 Websites

Iranian cyber police Shahrwand newspaper reported that Iranian cyber police (known as FATA)arrested at-least 240+ people which include men and women and also shut down about 900 websites in Sistan and Baluchestan. According to reports all these people were involved in illegal internet activities includes managing porn and fake profiles,recently Cyber police of Revolutionary Guards announced its Spider […] Continue reading →

Ashiyane Digital Security Team hacks Higher Education Commision website

ashiyane digital security team Iranian hackers group “Ashiyane Digital Security Team” claims to have compromised the website of Higher Education Commission of Pakistan ( and leaked the database credentials of the website online. The hackers found and exploited SQL injection flaw on the website and dumped the names, faxes, emails, phone numbers of different departments and Universities that reach up […] Continue reading →

Abu Dhabi Montessori website hacked by Iranian Hacker

Dubai Montessori School hacked Abu Dhabi International Montessori Nursery website has been hacked and defaced by Iranian Hacker OmiDeR. Using the tag HackeD By OmiDeR, the hacker wrote “My Love Iran. Persian Gulf for ever” on the home page. Hacked Site: Mirror of the hacked Site: According to theNational, Barbara Knaap-Broughton, the nursery’s principal, said she was shocked […] Continue reading →