Israel Embassy In India Hacked By AnonGhost

Hacktivists with the group name AnonGhost hacked and defaced the website of Israel Embassy in India ( under the operation #OpIsraelReborn. Deface page is removed from the website by the admin of the website.


Hackers from AnonGhost targeting Israeli Cyber Space under #OpIsraelReborn and a new hack came as AnonGhost announce the hack on the Facebook page. Hackers showed love for Pakistan on the deface page.

Deface Message:
Mauritania Attacker Was here ^_^ Pakistan Zindabad Big Love From Mauritania.

The hack is part of the #OpIsraelReborn which is going to start on 11 September officially but members of AnonGhost already started defacing website belongin to Israel(.il) domains.

Hacked Site:

Mirror of the hacked Site:

Deface page is removed from the website, but website is still down and showing under construction page.

Default page
This site is currently under construction
Please come back soon!