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Indian Hackers

Indian Security Researcher finds vulnerability in eBay that allow to purchase anything for just 1 rupee

CSRF ebay Indian security researcher named ishwar prasad bhat found a bug in Ebay India(A Largest online Shopping website) which allowed him to buy any products for just 1 rupee(0.01 dollar). While explaining the bug, Ishwar told THP that using this bug anybody can buy anything worth millions of rupees products for just 1 rupee by just […] Continue reading →

Unofficial Pakistan Intelligence agency ISI site hacked by Indian Hacker Godzilla

ISI hacked An Indian Hacker going by name “Godzilla” today claimed to hack into one of the server belongs to unofficial ISI(Inter Services Intelligence) website ( and hacker claimed to have access to the secret information of Pakistani Intelligence Agency. According to the information by the hacker, he claims to have access to Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) […] Continue reading →

MIT subdomain hacked by an Indian Hacker p0isonOus

MIT MIT ( Massachusetts Institute of Technology ) subdomain hacked and defaced by an indian hacker with the handle p0isonOus.Deface Page: Hacked Site: Mirror: The Hacker used private exploit to get into the server. Accessed the SQL database of the Site, extracted all the usernames with passes, uploaded a PHP shell and defaced the site. According to the hacker, He […] Continue reading →

Adobe Vulnerable to XSS flaw

adobe vulnerable to XSS One of the subdomain ( of Abode site is vulnerable to XSS. The vulnerability is still not fixed by Adobe. Ethical hackers reported vulnerability a few days ago but they failed to respond. We got email from Ethical Indians. Since the Bug Bounty Program started by companies, hackers are continually hunting different types of vulnerabilities of different […] Continue reading →