Popular FileHosting Site 4shared vulnerable to XSS, Clickjacking,CSRF & Openssl CCS Injection Vulnerability

4shared Mohamed M.Fouad – a security researcher from Egypt have found that famous FileHosting website 4shared vulnerable to XSS(Cross Site Scripting), Clickjacking, CSRF & Openssl CCS Injection Vulnerability and Apache tomcat example directory vulnerability that can lead to cookies http only bypass , Session manipulation. 4shared as we all know is a hosting service and file […] Continue reading →

OpPakistan: Official Web Portal of Pakistan(pakistan.gov.pk) hacked by Anonymous Hackers in support of Peaceful Protesters

pakistan gov hacked by anonymous The official web portal of Pakistan(www.pakistan.gov.pk) has been hacked by Anonymous Hackers in support of peaceful protesters under the operation called “OpPakistan“. Anatomy of attack is unknown. It seems that hackers managed to get database access by exploiting SQL Injection flaw on the web application and changed the content of the website. The hacker changed the content […] Continue reading →

Government of Punjab Server Hacked by XerXes

Pak Cyber Crew Today, Government of Punjab Server(punjab.gov.pk) has been hacked and defaced by a hacker with the handle XerXes from Pak Cyber Crew. Attack anatomy is unkonwn, it seems that hacker exploited the vulnerability on the server and managed to deface the websites. A total of 16 subdomains are defaced including excise department, Capital Police and others. […] Continue reading →

NYU launches Worldwide Hacking Competition For Students

hackforums hacked by Eg-r1z The NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering has opened registration for the largest hacking competition. This is specially for offers US students to participate and win cybersecurity-based scholarships and prizes, ZDNet reports. Last year over fifteen thousand students participated and many qualified the preliminary rounds in order to reach the finals in six separate competitions. This […] Continue reading →