[Infographic] – Different Types of Hackers

Types of Hackers Every day we hear about data breaches, hacking and about hackers. There are different types of hackers ranging from simple script kiddies to state sponsored hackers. Narus, a cyber security data analytics company, developed an infographic to give a better understanding of today’s hackers. The below infographic define the many faces of hackers, how the […] Continue reading →

Top 10 Must Watch Movies for Hackers

Hackers 1996 Normally people watch movies for entertainment purposes. Some people watch movies to get inspired. Movies on Hacking or Hackers life are rarely directed. However, we compiled a list of movies that are based on Hacking, Social engineering and Espionage. The movie listed below are the top 10 hacking motivational and inspirational movies for hackers/security people. […] Continue reading →