150+ websites hacked by Pr!me Shad0w

prime shadow Hacker going with the handle Pr!me Shad0w from team T3aM CyB3R Sw!TcH has hacked and defaced 150+ websites from all over the world, including one bank site.Most of the websites are still defaced.Deface Page: Pr!me Shad0w hacked and defaced major high profile Kenya government sites in his last cyber attack. The Hacked sites belongs to different countries, […] Continue reading →

Evernote Hacked, Change your Password

Evernote - Cloud note-taking service has been hacked by unknown hackers and now you have to reset your password imminently. According to a post on the official Evernote blog, an unidentified attacker compromise the servers and extracted usernames, email addresses, and passwords. “Evernote’s Operations & Security team has discovered and blocked suspicious activity on the […] Continue reading →

Burundi ccTLDs Major domains hacked by 1337

hacked by 1337 A famous and pro Pakistani Hacker going with the handle 1337 has hacked and defaced Top Level domains of Burundi (.bi) including Twitter, Toyota, Orange, norton, oracle, ibm, cisco, gameboy and bridgestone and many more. At the time of writing, all sites are defaced.Deface Page: Recently, Afghanistan Central Bank was hit by 1337 Haxor. This […] Continue reading →

Namibian Parliament Website Hacked by MoroccanGhosts

MoroccanGhosts-namibian-parliment-hacked Official website of the Namibian Parliament (www.parliament.gov.na/html) has hacked and defaced by MoroccanGhosts. The site is still defaced at the time of writing. The hackers left two different deface pages along with deface messages on hacked website, the message on Namibian Parliament site shows Moroccan anger over Namibian support on Algerian front of Polisario. Deface […] Continue reading →

Shahrukh Khan Official Site Hacked by Hackers

Shahrukh Khan Hacked Official fan site of Shahrukh Khan hacked and defaced by hackers collectively going with the handles DarkSnipper, Soul~Inj3ctor, Error Haxor to protest Indian Government against Afzal Guru death. At the time of writing, site is still defaced.Deface Page: Pakistani Hackers Identifying themselves with DarkSnipper |Soul~Inj3ctor |Error Haxor| have hijacked the Official Fan site of Shahrukh Khan […] Continue reading →