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Geo TV hacked by ZHC

ZHC Pakistan’s Top News Television channel Geo TV site hacked and defaced by ZHC (Z Company Hacking Crew) with all of its domains defaced. At the time of writing, sites are still defaced.Deface Page: Active hacktivist group - ZHC (Z Company Hacking Crew) have hacked and defaced GEO TV Sites with the operation called #OpKashmir. ZHC […] Continue reading →

Indian Government sites hacked by ZHC

ZHC Z Company Hacking Crew (ZHC) has hacked and defaced Indian Govt sites with the Operation called #KashmirNow #FreeKashmir.   Deface Page:   ZHC - Z Company Hacking Crew has been continuously hacking Indian sites. This time, ZHC targetted high profile Indian Goverment sites with the operation called #FreeKashmir. List of Hacked Sites with Mirrors: [#] - Energy […] Continue reading →