Exclusive Interview with Mauritania Attacker

Hello, The Hackers Post Readers. Today, we conducted an exclusive interview of Mauritania Attacker, who is a founder of Mauritania Hacker Team, Founder of  AnonGhost and Teamr00t, ex member of ZHC. He recently Started and United Hackers from all over the world for #OpIsrael that is starting of 7th Of April. We try to cover questions about Hacking Scene,His Teams,Why do they Hacks. We are very thankful to  Mauritania Attacker for giving us his precious time.



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Lets Start it!

Q: Hi Mauritania Attacker, thanks for giving me your precious time. Mauritania Attacker please introduce yourself to our Readers.
A: I’m Mauritania Attacker from Mauritania, founder of  Mauritania HaCker Team , Ex Member in ZHC , Founder of Teamr00t and AnonGhost.

Q: When and why did you start hacking? 
A: I started Hacking in 2003 & I started Hacking because i’m a curious person, I wanted to know Internal Architecture of Computers, Internet That eventually led to towards hacking.

Q: Whats your Age? 
A: 23 years

Q: Define Hacktivism?
A: Well, it means a lot for me. It’s a weapon that lead to express our opinion.

Q: How You select Your targets?
A: I select always the hard and Political Targets.

Q: Why do you hack websites? Why you select Web as a hacking?
A: I hack special Websites not random websites , Defacing is not hacking it’s just a little section in Web Hacking.
Q: What is #OpIsrael, Why you Started this? What gonna happen on 7th of April?
A: Op Israel is a big Attack Against Zionist , Why I started & What gonna happen, I will answer you on the 7th of  April.

Q: What about law enforcement agencies? Have they been trying to get to you?
A: They tried a lot , but I was always in security  like a ghost

Q: What is AnonGhost? Are you Anonymous?
A: We are not Anonymous. We have nothing to do with anonymous, but anonymous wanted to collaborate with us we refused.”

Q: We have heard that You partnered with Anonymous for #OpIsrael?
A: That’s a lie , i’m not from Anonymous. After Teamr00t i created “AnonGhost” it mean a Ghost who is Anon.

Q: There is an increase rise in Black Hats Becoming White Hats and participating Bug Bounty Programs, So are you still Black Hat or Participated in Bug Bounty?
A: I don’t have any idea or stats. I don’t participate in Bug Bounty.

Q: We have heard that you found a Bug on Facebook, would you like to tell us about Bug?
A: I found many bugs in Facebook but I never reported to facebook , i don’t need $$$ i do this for  knowledge !

Q: What do you think of other Hacktivist groups Anonymous, Lulsec?
A: Well i think it’s just an ideology created by CIA !!!!! “The new World Order”

Q: What kind of advice would you have for new Hackers/ Upcoming Security Experts?
A: One thing , Learn how old Hackers Started don’t focus on new Programs like BACKTRACK , METASPLOIT , Learn Manual Hacking , Learn Coding and be patient ! Knowledge will come with time ! and practice all methods !

Q: Is there anything else you would like to add?
A: I want to say that hacking has changed totally and the new hackers aren’t strong like old hackers.

Q: It is nice to talk to you. What do you think about The Hackers Post?
A: The Hackers Post, I found it from google and  I read news from it and i think it’s a good website, Updated one. You guys doing good work. Keep it up.

Thanks for Giving me your precious time Mauritania Attacker. Have a nice day!
Good day!